Video "Corona විරිඳුව - Gehan Blok & Dino Corera" by Blok & Dino

Corona විරිඳුව - Gehan Blok & Dino Corera
Corona විරිඳුව - Gehan Blok & Dino Corera
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Blok & Dino
Published on 16 Mar 2020 01:23PM


A public service announcement on the Corona Virus by Blok & Dino. With all the nonsense floating around and unnecessary panic we thought of sharing a few tips on how to stay safe from the Corona Virus (COVID-19) with a dash of comedy. For more details on the virus please contact the COVID-19 Media Centre established in Sri Lanka - Hotlines 0710107107 / 0113071073 Official Sources of Information Health Promotion Bureau Department of Government Information A big thank you to Kavindu Sivaraj Kasun Wickremasinghe @Rabbittunes Dharini Priscilla Channa Asanka #blokanddino #coronavirus #srilanka


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