Video "Rilès - QUEEN (Music Video)" by Rilès

Rilès - QUEEN (Music Video)
Rilès - QUEEN (Music Video)
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Published on 6 Nov 2019 05:00PM


Debut Album 'WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE' : INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: FB: TOUR: QUEEN / MUSIC VIDEO Starring Elisa Parron Directed by: Adrien Wagner & Rilès Video Edited by Adrien Wagner & Rilès Colorgraded by Adrien Wagner & Rilès Shot by Adrien Wagner Stylist: Holan Zamia Line Producer: Waseem Produced by the RILESUNDAYZ team: Victor Laborde, Angy Lefevbre, Terrence Nguea, Keone Zamia, Tilila, Waseem Song produced by Twe7ve At the beginning, it was just supposed to be a basic photoshoot. Once we arrived at the place, we decided to make a music video. There was no big ass production, just our small team and this raw energy from North Africa. Enjoy ????


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