Video "An open letter to the World Health Organization (from TAIWAN)" by 阿滴英文

An open letter to the World Health Organization (from TAIWAN)
An open letter to the World Health Organization (from TAIWAN)
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Published on 10 Feb 2020 10:00AM


Hello Internet, my name is Ray, I'm a YouTuber from Taiwan, and this is an open letter to the World Health Organization. Dear WHO, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but a lot of your members have been voicing support for the inclusion of Taiwan in the WHO. Since the novel coronavirus outbreak was designated as a global health emergency, core WHO members and their heads of state and officials, including Justin Trudeau, Shinzo Abe, 7 American senators, and the European Union (and more), have called on you to grant at the very least observer status to Taiwan. Having said that, I feel like as a Taiwanese citizen, it’s imperative that we also speak up for ourselves. Disease knows no boundaries. Taiwan’s participation in the WHO is crucial not just to Taiwan but also to the world. A concerted, global effort is the only way to ensure the health and welfare of everyone. The coronavirus that began in Wuhan, China, has already spread to other regions and countries, excluding Taiwan could make it a "blind spot" in the international response to the disease. Additionally, back in 2003, the SARS outbreak resulted in 73 lives taken in Taiwan. If we had been included in the WHO back then, we would’ve had better understanding of the virus and maybe, who knows, more lives could have been saved. But we’re not just here playing the victim here, Taiwan can help. Taiwan’s healthcare system is lauded as among the best in the world, and our medical standards are generally on par with top global countries. The inclusion of Taiwan in world health assemblies and events would enable it to share its invaluable experiences in combating SARS, Ebola and other pandemics, helping countries around the world, including China. With our universal health coverage, health emergency response, and professional medical training, Taiwan can benefit the world. Now you might say, Taiwan’s already represented by China in the WHO, but Taiwan’s geological separation and its independent disease control system and air traffic management provide further justification to why the WHO must take different approaches to Taiwan and China amid the coronavirus outbreak. Also, given our proximity, Taiwan is at the very frontline battling this coronavirus from China, and we are skilled, determined, and equipped with past experiences combating different viruses. Excluding us is putting close to 24 million lives and the global population at risk. As a Taiwanese, as a member of the global community, I am asking you on behalf of the world to include Taiwan. By allowing our participation in the WHO, you will be realizing the organization’s vision of health as a basic human right and health for all without exception. Thank you for your time. - 大家好,我是阿滴,我是一名來自台灣的 YouTuber。這是給世界衛生組織的一封公開信。 親愛的世界衛生組織,不知道你們有沒有注意到,貴組織最近有越來越多成員在聲援台灣成為世衛的一分子。在新型冠狀病毒被列為全球衛生緊急事件後,世衛核心會員國的元首和官員們,包括加拿大總理杜魯道、日本首相安倍、七位美國參議員,和歐盟(以及其他代表)等等,皆紛紛站出來呼籲讓台灣至少能以觀察員的身份參與世界衛生組織。說到這裡,身為一個台灣人,我認為我們也必須站出來替自己發聲。 疾病的肆虐是無視國界的。台灣能否參與世界衛生組織不僅對我們重要,對全世界也很重要。全球團結一致、齊心協力,才能最有效的保障所有人的健康與福祉。從中國武漢開始的冠狀病毒疫情已擴散到其他地區與國家,將台灣排除在世界衛生組織外將造成國際上防疫的「盲點」。 此外,2003年爆發的SARS疫情,造成台灣失去了73條性命。如果我們當初有在世界衛生組織內,對於病毒就能有更深入的了解,而或許,就會有更多人因此得救了。 然而,我們並不是要博取同情,而是想讓世界知道台灣能幫上忙。台灣擁有全球最佳的健保制度,還有與其他先進國家並駕齊驅的醫療水準。如果讓台灣參與世界衛生組織,我們將有機會分享對抗SARS和其他流行疾病的寶貴經驗,進一步幫助世界各國,包括中國。透過我們的全民健康覆蓋、衛生應急響應,和專業的醫療訓練,台灣能幫助全世界。 不過,你可能會說,中國已經代表台灣參加世界衛生組織了。但是,台灣在地理位置的區隔下有獨立的疾病控管系統和航空交通管制,這說明了為什麼世界衛生組織在處理冠狀病毒的疫情時更應該對台灣和中國採取不同的應對方式。 同時,台灣跟中國就在隔壁,台灣站在對抗新型冠狀病毒的最前線,且我們有能力、有決心,也有對抗不同病毒的豐富經驗。將我們排除在外,即代表忽視將近2400萬的台灣人民與全球人口的生命安全。 身為一個台灣人、同時也是全球人民的一分子,我向你們請求讓台灣加入世界衛生組織。讓我們參與,即是實踐貴組織的願景:健康是基本人權,沒有人該被排除在外。謝謝你們的時間。 - Behind the Scenes References Video credits Script revision: Eric's English Lounge Pronunciation revision: Columbus Sound effects & mix: DJ Hauer


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